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Thank you for coming tonight! 

Please make an effort to enjoy our Christmas Eve checklist:

  1. Get a paper copy of the songbook or click the button above to follow along!

  2. Make sure you give people space (6-10 feet) to remain safe (following Covid Guidelines)

  3. Get a FREE cup of coffee or another hot drink to warm your hands. (Shout-out to Coventry Village, Phoenix Coffee and Made in Cle for supplying drinks!)

  4. Enjoy some music / sound therapy.
    Close your eyes, reflect on this past year of isolation and listen to the sweet sounds around you...

    The wind in the trees...
    Footsteps of neighbors in the snow...
    Children asking their parents questions...
    Perhaps the voices of strangers exchanging names for the first time...
    Or those same neighbors joining together in a sacred song that has outlasted many pandemics...

    What comforts can we draw from these sounds?
    What encouragements can we hear and hold onto when we leave?


  5. Get a FREE treat bag for you or someone you know! 

  6. Let the host know you were here, and if there's any way we can serve you by clicking here.

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