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Phase 2 – Week 1

Vision, Mission, Values

1. Take a few minutes to allow each person to introduce themselves and share how they are doing.

2. Commit the group time to prayer. Specifically pray that the Spirit would grant us unity as a church as we seek to minister together under a common vision and mission.

3. Watch the video.

4. Spend some time discussing the City Church vision, mission, and values. Some possible questions to consider are: What things are you most excited about? Is there any wording or language that is confusing? Are there any elements central to the mission of a biblical church that you find missing?

5. Spend some time reading through the ministry team descriptions. Some possible questions to consider are: Which team are you initially considering seeking to join? How can we serve one another in discerning our gifting?

6. Take a few moments to individually submit your answers to the feedback questions that are reflections from questions 4 and 5 above.

7. Close in prayer.

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