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Phase 2 - Week 2

The people of the church doing the ministry of the church. That is the heartbeat behind Ministry Teams. 


1. Take a few minutes to make sure any new people are introduced and to greet one another. 

2. Commit the group time to prayer. Specifically pray that our understanding of ministry would be shaped by Ephesians 4. 
3. Watch the video.
4. Consider the definition of ministry that Pastor Cory read. Ministry is defined as, “service of all who, endowed by God with powers of mind and heart peculiarly adapted to this end, endeavor zealously and laboriously to promote the cause of Christ among [people]” (Taken from Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon).  Is this understanding of ministry different from your previous understanding of ministry? If so, how?

5. Based on the comprehensive description of ministry that is provided in Ephesians 4, what equipping do you think you lack for ministry?

6. In addition to the summary points Pastor Cory provided for this passage, are there any other significant things that stood out to you?

7. Let's zoom out a little. Rather than providing feedback prompts specific to this week, please feel welcome to share how you are feeling about this process. Do you have any previously unshared questions or thoughts regarding ministry teams, values, our time in Ephesians, or any other material we've covered in these small groups? Sometimes feedback or recommendations don't fit into tidy little boxes, so let's consider this an "outside the box" feedback opportunity.

8.. Close in prayer.

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