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Phase 2 - Week 3

The people of the church doing the ministry of the church. That is the heartbeat behind Ministry Teams. 
1. Take a few minutes to make sure any new people are introduced and to greet one another. 

2. Commit the group time to prayer. Specifically pray that our understanding of equipping would be shaped by Ephesians 4. 
3. Watch the video. Click here for manuscript
4. Give your impression of the three things Jason described using the Venn diagram that are needed to be “equipped for the work of the ministry.” [knowledge, experience, coaching] How is this similar to or different from your previous church experience (either at City Church or other churches)?
5. Was the description of what it means to participate in a Ministry Team similar to what you were expecting, or was it very different? Discuss. 

6. Which one of the “month in the life” scenarios seemed closest to your current situation? Please refer to the manuscript if that would be helpful. If our time is a resource given to us by God to invest in his Kingdom, how would you assess your degree of faithfulness over the last few weeks and months?
* Pastoral note- this is not asked to shame anyone. We do not earn God’s favor by our performance. This is simply a question meant to get us thinking about our time as a resource we are responsible to invest wisely.

7. A lot of ground was covered this week. It is challenging to communicate so much information in one video that anyone would actually watch. Therefore, we want to provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about things that were either unclear or not addressed. We will host a live AMA related to Ministry Teams via Zoom on February 14th at 2:00pm. Please feel free to submit questions via this form, or bring your questions to the AMA. If you aren’t able to attend, we will record the AMA and make it available to you. 

8. Close in prayer.

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