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Phase 2 - Week 6

The people of the church doing the ministry of the church by growing together. That is the heartbeat behind Ministry Teams. 


1. Take a few minutes to greet one another

2. Commit the group time to prayer. Ask the Lord to guide us as we work together to match each of our members with a Ministry Team.

3. Watch the first video. (Pastor Jason)  
Transcript of videos

4. Have each person share one thing they are excited about with Ministry Teams. Pray together as a group, praising God for these things. 

5. Have each person share one thing they are unsure about with Ministry Teams. Pray together, asking God to help us in our worry and guide us through our concern.

6. Fill out the form [ CLICK HERE fill out the form during the meeting. Allow plenty of time.  

Even if you still have questions or aren’t sure about something, fill out the form and click on the button indicating you need help.

7. Watch the second video (Cory)

8. Read Romans 12 together and choose 3-5 things from Romans 12 that you would like to be true (or more true) about City Church.

9. Close in prayer asking the Lord for these things you're hoping for in Romans 12.

10. Don’t forget Cory’s request! Please spend some time daily between now and our Members Meeting on March 21 reading and meditating on Romans 12 and choosing one thing each day to pray for yourself and for City Church from this passage.

Also, feel free to keep informally meeting together over the next few weeks leading up to the Members Meeting. Gather to pray, share a meal (if are comfortable and can do so safely), and/or hang out as brothers and sisters in Christ. There won’t be anything “official” beyond participating in our Sunday services before that time, so take advantage of your connections in these groups. Of course this isn’t required, just and encouragement to do so if you so choose.

Ministry Team Launch FAQs

Q: When will I find out what Ministry Team I was matched with?

A: You will find out your Ministry Team match no later than Wednesday, March 17.

Q: When will the full list of Ministry Teams and the members of those teams be made available?

A: The full list of teams will be made available in the March 18 Members Memo.

Q: When will Ministry Teams officially launch?

A: Ministry Teams will officially launch at our March 21 Member Meeting. Stay tuned for more details!

Q: How long will I be asked to commit to a Ministry Team?

A: The short answer is: through the end of 2021. The longer answer requires two additional comments. First, we have been leading long enough to know that we can’t possibly foresee every possible situation that might arise, so we will allow for exceptions to this if there are good reasons to do so. Second, our hope and our expectation is that most of you will remain on your ministry team for much longer. 

Q: What about all of my other questions?

A: Reach out to us if you still have questions. Email and she will make sure you get an answer.

Ministry Team AMA (Ask Me Anything) from February 14th.

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