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Phase 1 – Week 2


From Faith to Works

  1. Take a few minutes to allow each person to introduce themselves. 

  2. Commit the group time to prayer. Specifically pray that each of us would see our redemption as individuals as part of God’s collective redemptive work for the church. 

  3. Watch the video.

  4. Read Ephesians 2:1-10 

  5. Nurturing our Head, Heart, and Hands Questions (Outcome #1)

    • What are the numerous ways our actions (walking) before Christ are described in verses 1-3

    • Verses 4-9 describe the extraordinary and gracious work of God in salvation. In verse 10 we see one goal of this redemptive work is good works. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “good works”? Is it a positive image or negative image? Why do you think you have the view that you have? What changes can this passage offer to your previous understanding of good works?

  6. Hearing the Voices of Members Questions (Outcome #2)

    • It is clear in this passage that faith is not dead but results in good works. Before Christ we were busy walking in the path the world made for us. After Christ, we are to be busy walking in the path of good works God has prepared for us. In light of this, consider the following two questions. Dream! Imagine!

    • What are the good works that God has prepared for us as church to walk in?

    • What brokenness can we work against? If there was no hinderance or shortage of resources, what manifestations of sin and brokenness in our neighborhoods and around the world would you long to see reversed by the good works of God’s people?

  7. Take a few moments to individually submit your answers to the Members’ Voice questions.

  8. Close in prayer.

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