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Phase 1 – Week 1


My Story to Our Story

  1. Take a few minutes to allow each person to introduce themselves. 

  2. Commit the group time to prayer. Specifically pray that each of us would see our redemption as individuals as part of God’s collective redemptive work for the church. 

  3. Watch the video.

  4. Read Ephesians 1:1-23 

  5. Nurturing our Head, Heart, and Hands Questions (Outcome #1)

    1. Focus on verses 3-14. In these verses, how many times is the plural pronoun of us, our, or we used?

    2. What are the specific truths that are associated with each usage? Take time to list and consider each one. 

    3. One takeaway from verses 3-14 is that our personal salvation cannot be understood apart from the corporate salvation of God’s people. What are ways this should be encouraging to us? 

    4. What are ways we can grow in seeing and embracing the corporate nature of our salvation (our story) rather than just seeing it through an individualistic lens (my story)?

  6. Hearing the Voices of Members Questions (Outcome #2)

    1. What are things that City Church does well to emphasize and strengthen our corporate identity regarding our redemption?

    2. What are ways that City Church can grow in emphasizing and strengthening our corporate identity regarding redemption?

  7. Take a few moments to individually submit your answers to the Members’ Voice questions.

  8. Close in prayer.

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