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Rooted in Community,
Growing Together.

From My Story To Our Story

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Through The Church

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Unity of the Faith


The people of the church doing the ministry of the church. This was the major theme of our September Members Meeting as we announced our plans to work toward more faithfully “equipping the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph. 4:12) through the implementation of Ministry Teams. 


We are beginning Phase One of this implementation with Fall Small Groups. These groups are preparation groups and are not ministry team groups. They will have two outcomes as they seek to prepare us for implementing Ministry Teams.


  1. Nurture our head, hearts, and hands in preparation to implement Ministry Teams.

  2. Hear the voice of members regarding their ideas and thoughts. This will help ensure that the people of the church are a part of implementing the ministry of the church.


These outcomes will be accomplished in the following way:


  1. Small-groups will meet for six-weeks beginning Oct. 26 and concluding Dec. 13. Groups will not meet the week of Nov. 23 due to Thanksgiving. 

  2. The meeting time will consist of the following elements:

    1. Watch a brief video

    2. Read a passage from Ephesians

    3. Discuss questions corresponding to outcome #1.

    4. Discuss questions corresponding to outcome #2.

    5. Submit a brief questionnaire so insights for outcome #2 can be compiled for the church as a whole.

  3. The video and questions for the group meetings will be included in the Members Memo the previous week. We encourage you to view the video, read the passage, and consider the questions prior to your group meeting. This will help enable more fruitful and thoughtful discussion. 



  1. How do I join a Fall Small Group? When you renewed your membership covenant, you were asked to provide available times that you could meet. Groups were formed based upon these submissions. If you were not assigned a group, please email Heather at

  2. Can I join a Fall Small Group if I am still considering whether or not to renew my membership covenant? Yes! You should have received an email from Heather Storey about your schedule availability. If you didn’t, you can email her at

  3. Can non-members participate in the Fall Small Groups? Yes! Although Ministry Teams assignments will be for members, non-members are encouraged to participate in the preparation phases as a way of learning more about City Church. 

  4. Are these Fall Small Groups the same as Ministry Teams? No, they are not. These groups are arranged based upon time availability and have the goal of preparing us to implement Ministry Teams.

  5. Will the groups continue in 2021? We will continue with small groups for Phase 2 of our implementation as well. Phase 2 will begin in early 2021. The groups’ personnel and schedule may change based upon people’s schedule in 2021.

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